Discussion and Practice of White Kraft Paper Production Technology

White kraft paper is a high-grade packaging paper, which can be used to make commodity handbags, envelopes, file bags, etc., and can also be used for food packaging. In recent years, with the rapid development of the packaging industry, the market demand for white kraft paper in my country has grown rapidly. Some domestic paper-making enterprises have also increased the production and development of white kraft paper, and the market share of domestic white kraft paper is also increasing. Due to the special purpose of white kraft paper, there are higher requirements for strength indicators. According to the data of white kraft paper samples collected by market research, compared with the pure paper currently, white kraft paper has higher tensile strength and durability. fold, tear and lower ash content, Cobb value. To this end, we adjusted the paper production process by taking measures such as reducing paper ash, adding cationic starch, adjusting the ratio of raw materials, and improving the beating degree of pulp to meet the performance requirements of white kraft paper and make technical reserves for the subsequent mass production.

white kraft paper

In this study, the production technology of white kraft paper is discussed, and the process adjustment measures are made clear by comparing the white kraft paper sample with the pure quality paper. Referring to the production process of pure quality paper, we have made measures such as reducing the ash content of the paper, adding cationic starch, adjusting the proportion of pulp, improving the beating degree of pulp, etc. The production technology of white kraft paper was determined as follows: the percentage of softwood pulp is 25% and hardwood pulp is 75%, the beating degree of both is 40°SR, the ash of paper is 21%, the addition of cationic starch is 9 kg·t-1 of paper. The white kraft paper produced by this process has high strength performance, market competitiveness, and application prospect.

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Post time: Jan-03-2023