1:Offset paper

offset paper is mainly used for lithographic (offset) printing or other printing machines to print more advanced color printing materials, such as color pictorial newspapers, picture books, posters, color printing trademarks and some advanced book covers, illustrations and so on. Offset paper according to the proportion of pulp is divided into special, 1 and 2,3, there are single-sided and double-sided points, there are super calendering and ordinary calendering two grades. Flexographic paper has small flexibility, good absorption and smoothness of ink, tight and opaque texture, good whiteness, water-resistant and mildew-proof paper of high quality, affordable selection of conjunctival offset ink and better quality printing ink. The viscosity of the ink should not be too high, otherwise there will be desquamation, hair pulling phenomenon. Also to prevent the back stick dirty, General anti-dirty agent, dusting or folder interlining paper.

2:Coated paper

coated paper, also known as coated paper, this paper is coated with a layer of white pulp on the base paper, after calendering and made. Paper surface smooth, high whiteness, paper fiber distribution, thickness consistent, small flexibility, good elasticity and strong water resistance, ink absorption and reception state is very good. Coated paper is mainly used for printing picture albums, covers, postcards, exquisite product samples and color trademarks. COPPERPLATE paper printing pressure should not be too large, to choose offset resin-based ink and bright ink. To prevent the back sticking dirty, can be used to add anti-dirty agent, dusting and other methods. Coated paper has single, double-sided two categories.


Established in 2011, SURE PAPER is a leading paper factory that mainly manufactures offset paper, bond paper , c1s c2s glossy paper, art paper, matt paper, couche paper, duplex board, ivory board, plotter paper, kraft liner board, test liner , grey board, news printing paper ect .


Suitable for full color image output, suitable for dye ink

High resolution support, fine text clearly visible

Standardized production, imported equipment standardized management with high efficiency


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