Relief paper

the main paper used in relief printing books and magazines. Suitable for important works, science and technology books, academic journals and teaching materials, such as text paper. Relief paper according to the composition of the paper can be divided into 1,2,3 and 4 grades. The number of the paper on behalf of the quality of paper, the greater the number of paper is worse. Relief Printing paper is mainly used for relief printing. The characteristics of this paper are similar to newsprint, but not exactly the same. Relief paper fiber structure is more uniform, at the same time, the gap between the fibers is filled by a certain amount of filler and rubber, and also after bleaching, which forms this paper has a good adaptability to printing. Although its ink absorption is not as good as newsprint, but it has a uniform ink absorption characteristics, water resistance and paper whiteness are better than newsprint.


also called White newspaper, is the main paper for newspapers and books. Suitable for newspapers, periodicals, textbooks, comic books and other text paper. Newsprint has the following characteristics: the paper is light and elastic, good ink absorption, which ensures that the ink can be fixed on the paper. After calendering, both sides of the paper are smooth and non-fluffing, so that both sides of the imprint is relatively clear and full; there is a certain degree of mechanical strength; good opacity; suitable for high-speed Rotary Printing. This kind of paper is produced from mechanical wood pulp (or other chemical pulp) , containing a large number of Lignin and other impurities, not suitable for long-term storage. Storage time is too long, the paper will be yellowing Brittle, poor water resistance, not suitable for writing.



Established in 2011, SURE PAPER is a leading paper factory that mainly manufactures offset paper, art paper , ivory board /FBB/SBS, metallic paper , duplex board and ect .If possible, please let me know your specific requirements so that we can use our experience and resources, based on the different needs of domestic and foreign customers to customized a suitable plan on the weight and size of the paper, export methods and so on to ensure that you can  buy the goods at the lowest cost. 



Good Quality, wear-resisting, wear-resisting, smooth and opaque, wear-resisting, good gloss, not easy to fade


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