Small step Big difference- Bio Board

Tradition PE recycling

一:State of the art material Recycling

2. sorting
3. shredding
4. washing
5. melting and pelletizing



1. Only a small portion of scrap plastic is recovered for reuse or recycling.
2. The cost-effective and efficient recycling of the mixed plastic stream is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the recycling industry.

三:Raw material


The biodegradability does not depend on the raw material, rather it depends entirely on the chemical structure of the polymer.

四:Composting / Biodegradable

1:Biodegradable was included as one of the methods in composting.
2:Biodegradable mean carbon contain in the subject after digested by the microorganism the carbon was fully released into the circle


五:NUAP Bio / PLA compost process

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六:certificate we have 


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