Take you to know the “green revolution” in the packaging industry

Online and offline shopping will be accompanied by a lot of packaging. However, non-environmental materials and non-standard packaging will cause environmental pollution to the earth. Today, the packaging industry is undergoing a "green revolution", replacing polluting materials with environmentally friendly packaging materials such as recyclable, edible, and biodegradable, so as to promote sustainable ecological development and protect the living environment of mankind. Today, let's get to know the "green packaging" together.

▲What is green packaging?

Green packaging is in line with sustainable development and includes two aspects:

One is conducive to resource regeneration;

The second is the least damage to the ecological environment.

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①Repetitive and renewable packaging
For example, the packaging of beer, beverages, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. can be reused in glass bottles, and polyester bottles can also be recycled in some ways after recycling. The physical method is directly and thoroughly purified and crushed, and the chemical method is to crush and wash the recycled PET (polyester film) and re-polymerize it into a recycled packaging material.

②Edible packaging
Edible packaging materials are rich in raw materials, edible, harmless or even beneficial to the human body, and have certain characteristics such as strength. They have developed rapidly in recent years. Its raw materials mainly include starch, protein, plant fiber and other natural substances.

③Natural biological packaging materials
Natural biological materials such as paper, wood, bamboo woven materials, wood chips, linen cotton fabrics, wicker, reeds and crop stems, rice straw, wheat straw, etc., can be easily decomposed in the natural environment, do not pollute the ecological environment, and the resources are renewable. The cost is lower.

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④Biodegradable packaging
This material not only has the functions and characteristics of traditional plastics, but also can split, degrade and restore in the natural environment through the action of soil and water microorganisms, or the action of ultraviolet rays in the sun, and finally regenerate it in a non-toxic form. Enter the ecological environment and return to nature.

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▲Biodegradable packaging becomes the future trend
Among the green packaging materials, "degradable packaging" is becoming a future trend. Starting from January 2021, as the comprehensive "plastic restriction order" is in full swing, non-degradable plastic shopping bags are banned, and the degradable plastic and paper packaging market has officially entered an explosive period.

From the perspective of green packaging, the most preferred choice is: no packaging or minimal packaging, which fundamentally eliminates the impact of packaging on the environment; followed by returnable, reusable packaging or recyclable packaging. Recycling benefits and effects depend on the recycling system and consumer perceptions. When all people have the awareness of environmental protection, our green homes will definitely become better and better!

Post time: Aug-18-2021