What is the PE coated paper ?

1: The meaning

PE coated paper: Coat the hot-melt PE plastic film evenly on the surface of the paper to form coated paper, also called PE paper.

2: The function and application

Compared with ordinary paper, it has water and oil resistance. It is mainly used to make food cartons, paper cups, paper bags, and packaging, etc.

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It can also be used as industrial waterproof paper. Ordinary paper is composed of wood fiber and has strong water absorption, so everyone knows that paper absorbs moisture and is afraid of moisture. The PE plastic is evenly coated on the surface of the paper after being melted by a laminating machine to form a thin film. Because it is melted on the surface of the paper, it is bonded and hardened and not easy to detach, and the entire process does not use any chemicals. The solvent is very environmentally friendly, and no adhesive is needed in the secondary processing of the package in the later stage. The PE film is directly used to seal under the hot melt. It is commonly used in food packaging to prevent moisture and oil. The disposable paper pockets, hamburger paper bags, melon seed bags, paper lunch boxes, food paper bags, and aviation garbage bags that we see in our daily life are all made of this material. In industry, it is mainly used for moisture insulation and waterproofing. It is often used to stick on the surface of building materials to prevent water vapor from entering the interior of the board.

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3: The type

PE-coated paper is mainly divided into single-plastic PE coated paper and double-plastic PE-coated paper.

And most of us choose C1S ivory board or kraft paper to coat PE. They are both widely used in our normal life.

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4: Our TSD

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5: Our coating machine (single /double)

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