Why is the thickness of paper G (G) ?

Why is the thickness of paper G (G) ?

The Unit of all paper is G (G) . Take the weight of a square meter of paper as a measure of the specific thickness of the paper. For example: an ordinary copy paper is 80g, which is equal to the weight of a square meter of the copy paper is 80g, the paper is 80g thickness. It's not a piece of A4 paper or -- The weight of A4 paper is 80 grams. 

The Difference Between Laser Printing paper and ink-jet printing paper.

The main printers on the market today are laser printer and inkjet printer. The laser printer requirements for printing paper are: High temperature, printed sheets should be non-curly, non-foaming; paper powder absorption capacity, paper smooth smooth. The requirements of the inkjet printer for printing paper are: strong water absorption, quick drying after printing, colorful printing effect, vivid color, realistic; part of the inkjet printer requirements for paper thickness of 200g. 


What kind of paper do you use for printing paper?

 If the printer the user is using is a color inkjet printer, the best choice for printing photographic paper should be photographic paper, of course, you can choose more than 160 color ink-jet coated paper (color ink-jet coated paper double-sided printing, can solve the needs of users double-sided printing, but also can save paper) . If the user is using a color laser printer paper, the photo should be printed on a 200g or 250g laser coated paper (small color laser printer are not suitable for coated paper and should be used in tandem with a colored glossy paper) .


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Special surface coating process, advanced ink curing technology

Suitable for full color image output, suitable for dye ink

High resolution support, fine text clearly visible

Bright print effect, no penetration 

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