Zero Plastic paper cup paper obtained TÜV degradable compost certification

On May 25th, the senior vice president of TÜV Rheinland Greater China issued DIN CERTCO and European Bioplastics Association industrial compost certification certificates to APP Sinar Mas Group Industrial Paper.

The certified product is the newly developed Zero Plastic® paper cup paper of APP Sinar Mas Group Industrial Paper. It is certified by TÜV Rheinland based on DIN EN13432:2000-12 and ASTMD6400:2019-01 standards. With the acquisition of the compostable degradable certificate, it represents Zero Plastic® brand products have fully passed the testing and certification of various domestic and foreign authoritative organizations (compostable degradation certification, biological toxicity safety testing, POPs fluorine testing, total specific migration testing, etc.).


Under the background of the country’s new restrictions on plastics and plastic bans, the paper cups, paper bags, lunch boxes, etc. produced by APP Jinguang Group’s Zero Plastic® brand products can be recycled into paper pulp or composted. Realizing the maximum utilization of resource recovery, instead of burning and landfilling, it is a real solution to help carbon neutrality and carbon emission reduction.


Modern pulping and papermaking is a green and sustainable “big cycle”, and the production, consumption, recycling, and repulping of paper under the ZeroPlast® brand form a “small cycle”, saving huge amounts of wood for the earth. As a global leader in pulping and papermaking, APP is willing to work together to create sustainable development of the earth’s ecology and benefit our future generations.

I.the EPP


① The EPP food grade environmental protection barrier layer makes the paper surface have good barrier properties and heat sealability. It does not require PE coating processing. It is suitable for directly making all kinds of paper cups, paper bowls, lunch boxes, soup barrels and other take-away food packaging. More environmentally friendly and safe packaging solutions;

②  No plastic, no fluorescent agent, fully recyclable (can be directly repulped ), degradable (100%), compostable, safe and environmentally friendly, in line with the general green development trend of packaging materials;