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coated art paper

coated art paper

Coated paper, also known as art paper, is a type of paper that has been coated. It's a high-quality printing paper made of base paper that's been painted white. It is primarily used for printing the covers and illustrations of high-end books and periodicals, as well as color photographs, various exquisite commodity advertisements, samples, commodity packaging, trademarks, and so on.

The paper surface of coated paper is smooth and glossy. The smoothness of the coated paper is generally in the 6001000s because the whiteness of the paint used is more than 90%, the particles are extremely fine, and it has been calendered by a super calender.

In addition, the paint has a nice white hue and is evenly scattered across the paper. Coated paper must have a thin, homogeneous coating that is free of air bubbles, as well as an enough amount of adhesive to prevent the paper from powdering and losing its hair during printing.