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Food garde paper board

Food garde paper board

Fluorescent whitening agents are added to meet the whiteness requirements of industrial fbb, but because this additive is harmful to the human body, fluorescent whitening agents are not permitted in food-grade board.

Food-grade board is yellowish in color because it does not contain fluorescent whitening agents, and it is primarily used in food-related packaging or high-end cosmetic maternal and child products.

High bulk food grade board GCU (Allyking Cream) provides good printing, processing, and molding capabilities while being extremely light. passed the QS certification test, consistent thickness, good rigidity, and no fluorescent whitening agent. It is frequently used in the packing of medicine boxes, everyday items, etc. that come into close contact with food as well as in the packaging of products kept in refrigerators and freezers. To obtain waterproof and moisture-proof characteristics in accordance with environmental standards, it can also be covered with a film.