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Environmentally Friendly 5-Compartment Plates Sugarcane Bagasse - Shop Now!

Introducing our eco-friendly 5-Compartment Plates made from sugarcane bagasse, brought to you by Ningbo Sure Paper Co., Ltd. These plates are an excellent alternative to traditional disposable plates, as they are biodegradable, compostable, and made from renewable resources. The 5 compartments make them ideal for serving meals with multiple components, such as bento boxes, party platters, or food sampling trays, Our 5-Compartment Plates are not only sustainable but also durable and microwave-safe, making them perfect for serving hot or cold meals. They are also grease and cut-resistant, ensuring that they hold up to a variety of food items without getting soggy or breaking, Whether you are hosting a party, running a food service business, or looking for convenient and sustainable disposable plates for your home, our 5-Compartment Plates made from sugarcane bagasse are an excellent choice. Join us in making a conscious choice for the environment without sacrificing convenience or functionality. Choose our 5-Compartment Plates for your next event or meal, and feel good about reducing your environmental impact

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