FSC certification system Introduction


With global warming and the continuous advancement of consumers’ environmental protection concepts, reducing carbon emissions and vigorously developing a sustainable green and low-carbon economy have become a focus and consensus. Consumers are also increasingly paying attention to environmental protection when purchasing products in their daily life.

Many brands have responded to the call by transforming their business models, showing close attention to supporting environmental causes and using more recyclable materials. FSC forest certification is one of the important certification systems, which means that the forest-sourced raw materials used come from sustainably certified forests.

Since its official release in 1994, the FSC forest certification standard has become one of the most widely used forest certification systems in the world.



FSC certification type

•Forest Management Certification (FM)

Forest Management, or FM for short, applies to forest managers or owners. Forest management activities are managed responsibly in accordance with the requirements of FSC forest management standards.

•Chain of Custody Certification (CoC)

Chain of Custody, or CoC for short, applies to manufacturers, processors and traders of FSC certified forest products. All FSC certified materials and product claims in the entire production chain are valid.

Publicity License (PL)

Promotional License, referred to as PL, is applicable to non-FSC certificate holders. Publicize and promote the FSC certified products or services it purchases or sells.


FSC certified products

•wooden product

Logs, wooden boards, charcoal, wood products, etc., such as indoor furniture, household items, plywood, toys, wooden packaging, etc.

paper products

Pulp, paper, cardboard, paper packaging, printed materials, etc.

non-wood forest products

Cork products; straw, willow, rattan and the like; bamboo and bamboo products; natural gums, resins, oils and derivatives; forest foods, etc.


FSC product label


FSC 100%

100% of product raw materials come from FSC certified forests and comply with FSC environmental and social standards.


Product raw materials come from a mixture of FSC certified forests, recycled materials and other controlled raw materials.

FSC recyclable

Product raw materials include post-consumer recycled materials and can also include pre-consumer materials.


FSC certification process

The FSC certificate is valid for 5 years, but it must be audited by the certification body once a year to confirm whether you continue to comply with FSC certification requirements.

1.Submit certification application materials to the certification body recognized by FSC

2.Sign the contract and pay

3.The certification body arranges auditors to conduct on-site audits

4.The FSC certificate will be issued after passing the audit.


The meaning of FSC certification

Enhance brand image

FSC-certified forest management requires compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards to ensure the sustainable management and protection of forests, while also promoting the sustainable development of the global forestry industry. For enterprises, passing FSC certification or using FSC-certified product packaging can help enterprises improve their environmental image and competitiveness.


Increase product added value

The Nielsen Global Sustainability Report states that brands with a clear commitment to sustainability saw their consumer product sales grow by more than 4%, while brands without a commitment saw sales grow by less than 1%. At the same time, 66% of consumers said they are willing to spend more on sustainable brands, and purchasing FSC-certified products is one of the ways consumers can participate in forest protection.


Crossing market entry barriers

FSC is the preferred certification system for Fortune 500 companies. Companies can obtain more market resources through FSC certification. Some international brands and retailers, such as ZARA, H&M, L’Oréal, McDonald’s, Apple, HUAWEI, IKEA, BMW and other brands, have required their suppliers to use FSC certified products and encourage suppliers to continue moving towards green and sustainable development.


If you pay attention, you will find that there are FSC logos on the packaging of many products around you!

Post time: Jan-14-2024