The majority of the paper packaging we encounter is industrial white cardboard, also known as FBB (FOLDING BOX BOARD), a single-layer or multi-layer combined paper made entirely of bleached chemical pulp and fully sizing. It is appropriate for printing and packaging of products with high smoothness, stiffness, clean appearance, and good formation. Ivory board has stringent whiteness requirements. The whiteness of grade A is greater than 92%, that of grade B is greater than 87%, and that of grade C is greater than 82%.

FBB is divided into many brands due to different paper mills and different uses, and ivory board at different prices corresponds to different final products.

The most common packaging on the market is made of industrial fbb. Among them, the Ningbo Fold (FIV) of the APP paper mill is the most well-known, followed by the IBS of the Bohui paper mill and the GC1/GC2 of the Chenming paper mill.