Offset paper is primarily used for printing higher-level color prints on lithographic (offset) printing presses or other printing presses, and is suitable for printing single-color or multi-color book covers, texts, inserts, pictorials, maps, posters, color trademarks, and various packaging paper. Chemical pulp from bleached coniferous wood and the right amount of bamboo pulp are the main ingredients in offset paper. Heavy filling and sizing, as well as surface sizing and calendering, are required when processing offset paper. After being created, books and periodicals have distinct qualities and are flat and difficult to alter.


A type of leuco copy paper called carbonless copy paper includes the direct copying and direct color development capabilities. When an external force is applied, the force-sensitive pigment and oil solution in the microcapsules overflow and come into contact with the color developer, causing a dyeing reaction and acting as a copying agent. It is mostly used for bills, continuous financial notes, general business financial notes, and other numerous form documents.