What is the plastic-free cupstock EPP?

Plastic-free cupstock is made by APP using the unique process of EPP (Environment Protection Polymer). It uses on-machine online coating to replace the single and double coating processes. The product can be directly poured into cups, reducing intermediate links and improving production efficiency; Food packaging made of "zero plastic" coated food cards does not contain any plastic, is completely recyclable, industrially degradable (100%), repulpable, compostable, safe and environmentally friendly.

It has excellent barrier properties(Water based dispersion coating), is waterproof and oil-proof, and is used to make paper cups, soup buckets, etc., to hold ready-to-eat drinking water, tea, beverages, milk, milk tea, coffee, etc.

EPP is suitable for flexo printing, but not suitable for offset printing processes; the ultrasonic wave of a medium-speed cup making machine can bond normally; the heat sealing temperature of the bottom of the cup should set at 380-400°C; the watering time of the cup piece should be controlled at 0.5-1 hour, if it is too long, it is easy to tilt the head.