Environment friendly coated food grade (OPB) packaging paper from APP

Short Description:

Top side, triple coating, provide excellent printing quality (Flex. and so on)

Backside, special coating technology (No Silica, no Fluorine, wax ), provide 6 Kit or above oil proof level

The coating layer can is coated on paper machine, no special MOQ (Normal GCU grade)

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what is OPB ?

▶OPB is three English Words's Abbreviation: Oil Proof Board, it is the code

of our new product (Zero plastic), like GCU

 The technology focus an unique coating technology which provide the

coated board enough oil resistance, zero odor

 Our OPB also focus three key demand in the market: repulpable (Being

recycled in paper or board stream), bio-degradeable, compostble

OPB'S structure and TSD

OPB paper 1OPB paper 2

Why choose OPB?

Fluoride products like PFOS, PFOA which all will be harmful to the heath, although which give the best oil resistance performance, we have to find better solution so as to reduce the overuse in the world.

More and more government require to stop using the paper products with Fluoride especially for food contact paper, so it’s good opportunity for us to push new solution to this application field. USA already give the clear deadline for this, all FC paper can’t use Fluoride products from Jan 2020, so many oil repellent paper manufacturer eagerly hope to find the alternative solution asap

OPB paper 3
OPB paper 4

OPB ’Application Case

OPB paper 5
OPB paper 6
OPB paper 7

OPB Solution: Fluoride-free Oil repellent agent instead of traditional products

1)OPB which meet food grade like EC, FDA, GB9685;




√Mineral Wax free

2)Comparing with pulp molding product, low cost and high efficiency

3)Micro oven application is being tested

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